FLECO Attachments produces high-strength rakes manufactured with quality and durability in mind. Rakes are designed for excavators, backhoes, loaders, and dozers of all sizes.

A double top tube frame with an extra-large bottom tube highlights FLECO Excavator Rakes. Dual gussets are added to the tines to prevent tine bending. Tines are made of AR400 steel.

FLECO Rakes are manufactured from high strength steel for excellent wear resistance. The rake is designed with a tooth configuration that allows maximum reach for higher piling of materials - in both stacking and loading operations. Grapple rakes feature independent arms to carry uneven loads.

FLECO Grove Rakes feature a custom "V" tree positioner with serrated edges for reliable grip on any tree trunk and a backdrag plate to fill a hole from free removal by dragging the rake over the opening. Grove rakes can also salvage, sort, and load logs for maximum dollar recovery. Grapple rakes feature independent arms to carry uneven loads.

Dozer Blade Rakes offer tough AR400 steel lines engineered for minimum ground resistance and longer life. The universal design allows the rake to fit many different size moldboards. The thick tines are welded to a heavy wall steel tube. The rake mounts to standard mold boards with (2) welded brackets and (2) quick removal pins for quick and easy installation and removal.

FLECO also manufactures Heavy Duty Land Clearing Rakes, as well as other large scale custom attachments. We can design and build a rake that will fit your attachment needs.

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