FLECO Attachments produces forks for backhoes, and loaders of all sizes. FLECO forks include fully forged and heat-treated tines with a 3 to 1 safety factor, ensuring safe lifting at all times. Forks offer some of the highest lifting capacities in the world.

FLECO Pallet & Utility Forks are designed with a heavy duty, rigid backframe with a low profile. Tines are adjustable to work with various widths of materials. Log Forks feature vertical floating tines to assist in loading on rough terrain.

Car Body Forks have many special features including a double taper tine design, to prevent auto wedging (standard feature on all "flat" style tines), a boxed lower plate allows for light dozing, and a low profile backframe for visibility. The center of gravity is adjusted to maximize the full lift capacity of the machine. Forks will be designed to fit pin-on or coupler configurations.

FLECO manufactures many styles of grapple forks include Single Grapple, Wishbone Grapple, Dual Grapple, Wide Paddle, and Millyard Grapple forks. These forks are designed with adjustable tines that "float" for easier loading. Backframe features a low profile for top visibility. The grapples have a tapered edge for penetration and a multiple pivot points. Pipe Grapples are designed with a special dual action for total load control. The grapple arms with dual pivot can rotate 75 degrees to allow for independent fork usage. Double pivot points with six heat-treated bushings.

FLECO also offers dozens of replacement tines in several sizes to fit machines of all types. Custom clips and bosses can be added to fit your specifications.

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